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Smart Metering

Data collection gateways in substations

Advantages of our solution

  • Availability of the most popular metering protocols: IEC60870-5-102, Modbus and DLMS
  • Ability to collect information from the plant (up to 24 meters) through IEC60870-5-102, DLMS or Modbus
  • Information collected from the plant is processed by iGW, allowing any kind of user mathematical/logical operation in order to create new data that will be sent to the control center
  • Data is sent to Control Center via any kind of communication network available in the plant (GPRS, VSAT, analog radio, Ethernet, ..) using standard communication protocols (IEC60870-5-101/104, Modbus, DNP3.0)
  • iGrid T&D solutions have been tested with most of the leading manufacturers of smart meters (Landis&Gyr, Itron and Circutor).

Solution description

iGW Series provides a Smart Metering data collection solution that allows utilities to accurately collect metering data from substation and generation plants, such as:

  • Tampering detection
  • Billing data
  • Generation regulation
  • Consumption and generation trends
  • Loss calculation
  • Power quality: total harmonic distortion (THD) and power factor (PF)


iGW Smart Metering series uses the most popular metering protocols: IEC60870-5-102, DLMS and Modbus. iGW devices collect real-time information from all the meters in the facility, with reads taken at really short intervals (every 2-4 seconds). Metering data can then be transferred to control center/s via any kind of communication network available in the plant (GPRS, VSAT, analog radio, Ethernet, etc.) using standard communication protocols (IEC60870-5-101/104, Modbus, DNP3.0).

iGW series products have been tested with most of the leading manufacturers of smart meters (Landis&Gyr, Itron and Circutor).

Smart Metering Products

Smart Meter Gateways

Smart gateway for metering data collection in substations and generation plants. The Smart Metering iGW uses the most popular metering protocols (IEC60870-5-102, DLMS and Modbus) and it has been tested with most of the leading manufacturers of smart meters.

iControl SCADA, Control Center Edition

iControl Control Center Edition is able to manage thousands of RTUs from different vendors, and to support multiple architectures in order to adapt to utilities requirements. iControl SCADA is available with advanced functionalities such as server redundancy, automatic line coloring, alarms notification via e-mail and/or sms, SQL logging, and reports generation.


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More solutions for smart grids, substations and energy plants


iGrid T&D’s SCADA, RTUs, substation gateways, protocol converters and bay controllers support both IEC61850 client and server communication capabilities. When acting as IEC61850 servers, our solutions are able to map any existing IED to IEC61850 logical devices

Substation Automation

IEC61850, IEC60870-5-104 and DNP3.0 (as well as other communication protocols) are used worldwide for substations’ automation. iGrid T&D solutions use all of them to have a completely interoperability with any other vendor

Medium Voltage Distribution grid automation

Our solutions fulfill the standards required by electrical companies for the control of Medium Voltage grids (MV/LV substations). Our devices are capable to adapt to different communication media (e.g. serial, Ethernet, GPRS/3G, PSTN) and able to handle multiple communication protocols (e.g. IEC60970-5-104, DNP3.0)

Protocol converter

Retrofitting electrical facilities means to use the newest devices together with the oldest ones. For these projects, flexible and adaptable protocol converters are vital devices.

Hydroelectric generation plant

Hydroelectric generation plants require remote control following the electrical systems standards, but a higher degree of automation is requested, as special procedures are requested for actions like dams open/close, generator start/stop, etc. iGrid solutions will give you easy tools to automate small and big hydroelectric generation plants

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