Protocol Converter

Easily transfer information from different protocols and communication media

Advantages of our solution

  • iGrid gateways and data concentrators allow the connection of multiple devices using different protocols and communication media
  • iGW family has multiple communication media options ranging from serial to GPRS ports, or fiber optic Ethernet ports with SFP modules or ST/SC connectors
  • From meter data concentration to protocol conversion, iGW can act in any kind of control or automation system, especially in generation plants or high voltage substations

Solution description

On many projects related to grid automation, substation automation, or smart metering, the protocol conversion or data concentration is a key element which allows the use of multivendor solutions or retrofitting existing ones with newer elements.

During the last two decades multiple protocols have appeared in the market: from legacy proprietary to standard protocols (IEC60870-5-103, Modbus, Profibus, DNP3.0, IEC60870-5-102, DLMS/Cosem or IEC61850). All of them should be managed simultaneously, in real time, to achieve the energy market technical requirements.

iGW family of devices can work with any of the standard protocols, using up to 4 serial ports and up to 5 Ethernet vias, to communicate simultaneously with dozens of slave devices and multiple control centers or master stations.

Protocol Converter Products

Protocol Converters

iGW devices are powerful protocol converters that facilitate the communication between devices of different manufacturers by supporting a wide range of communication protocols and with multiple communication media options (serial ports, GPRS, Ethernet copper and fiber ports, etc.)

iControl SCADA, Control Center Edition

iControl Control Center Edition is able to manage thousands of RTUs from different vendors, and to support multiple architectures in order to adapt to utilities requirements. iControl SCADA is available with advanced functionalities such as server redundancy, automatic line coloring, alarms notification via e-mail and/or sms, SQL logging, and reports generation.


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