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SCADA for medium and high voltage facilities

Do you need an IEC 61850 SCADA?

iGrid T&D is developing grid and substation automation systems for medium and high voltage facilities, mainly focused on the real-time data collection, using RTUs, gateways and SCADA software.

iControl is an easy to use and deploy tool for power grid and substation automation using IEC 61850, but also the other protocols used on the generation and distribution facilities, like DNP3.0, IEC 60870-5-101, IEC60870-5-104, DLMS or many others.

Contact us, we will be glad to advice you on which is the better architecture to automate a substation or a complete grid, using new or existing devices, like meters and protection relays, and integrating them with the most modern technology. Obtaining a real time control on a intuitive user interface.

iControl, compatible IEC 61850 SCADA system

iControl is acting as IEC 61850 MMS client, the usual role for a substation SCADA, but also as IEC 61850 MMS server, delivering the information to other clients, information which could be collected using other protocols, and then mapped to the IEC 61850 logical nodes (LN) to be delivered to the network.

iControl is also compatible with the IEC 61850 GOOSE messaging, acting as both, publisher and subscriber, simultaneously.

Our SCADA is offering the capability to store and display the collected information, but at the same time to deliver the information to other main stations, using any other protocol, like IEC 60870-5-104, DNP3.0 or any legacy protocol required. iGrid has an expert development team, which could use all the iGrid T&D knowledge on helping our customers to fix their problems.

Consult iControl page for further information.

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iGW-S Substation Gateway

Powerful and reliable substation gateway able to run either in standalone or redundant modes, with an embedded Ethernet switch, and IEC61850 Client and Server capabilities.

iRTU-S Bay Controller

Intelligent and scalable bay controller with I/O capabilities for direct data acquisition, embedded Ethernet switch, and IEC61850 Client and Server capabilities.

iControl Substation SCADA

High-performance SCADA for visualization and control of substation data. It is able to run either in Client/Server or Standalone modes, with advanced functionalities such as hot-standby redundancy, automatic line coloring, events notification (via e-mail and sms), SQL logging, and reports generation.

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