Our South African part­ner, Davinc, has pre­pared a stan­dard solu­tion, based on iCon­trol SCADA and iRTU fam­i­ly, for con­trol­ling small and medi­um size sub­sta­tions, owned by dis­tri­b­u­tion util­i­ties and munic­i­pal­i­ty, as well as for IPP and renew­able gen­er­a­tion systems.

They have pre­pared a video show­ing the solu­tion on their demo sys­tem, which can be seen at YouTube, which uses IEC60870‑5–104 to com­mu­ni­cate the RTU with the iCon­trol SCADA

Thanks to Chris (Davinc owner) !!