Hirschmann, the Eth­er­net switch man­u­fac­tur­er belong­ing to Belden, has pub­lished two appli­ca­tion note of projects using iGrid T&D products.


The first appli­ca­tion note (http://www.belden.com/resourcecenter/documents/upload/CS117HE_iGrid.pdf) is dis­play­ing the use of their EES25 switch mod­ule inside our iRTU-S0 devices (pre­vi­ous­ly iRTU-E0), offer­ing an inte­grate device offer­ing the RTU com­mu­ni­ca­tion and automa­tion fea­tures, togeth­er with the EES25 switch fea­tures, includ­ing the HSR (IEC 62439–3) and PRP pro­to­cols, and the IEEE1588 time synchronization.

The sec­ond one (http://www.belden.com/docs/upload/India-Substation-Automation-Ethernet-Switches-Case-Study.pdf) refers to the use of iGrid T&D prod­ucts togeth­er with MACH1000 switch­es, on a IEC 61850 Sub­sta­tion Automa­tion project, in the Indi­an state of Haryana, exe­cut­ed by our Indi­an part­ner, Ven­son Elec­tric, where they use the iCon­trol SCADA  and iRTU/iGW devices.