iControl Web Viewer
SCADA web monitoring

Product highlights

  • iControl Web Viewer displays iControl SCADA in real time via web browser, with all the safety requirements to block any dangerous activity.
  • Prepares and renders the information for internet browser connection.
  • Specially designed for monitoring the electrical grid without acting on it.
  • Based on the open source Node web server.
  • iControl’s listings, charts, schemas, reports and operation zones are also available in iControl Web Viewer.

iControl Web Viewer demo


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  • Visualization of iControl screens (schemas).
  • Different options for navigating through iControl screens: via iControl screen links or through screen list drop-down menu.
  • Popups are displayed as independent floating windows.
  • Two kind of charts available: analog charts (similar to iControl charts) and digital charts.
  • Digital charts show the total number of events that occurred within a given time, and display them on a bar chart.
  • Available tools: panning forward and backward on the time axis (by clicking the left mouse button to select a point on the chart and dragging it around inside the chart window), and zooming (by right-clicking and holding down the mouse button to specify the time interval to zoom). Besides, by clicking on any point of the chart, user can get further information such as point description, value and time stamp.
  • Availability of all iControl listings: historical SOE, database, sequence of events, active alarms, alarm acknowledgment and off-normal lists.
  • Select the time range and/or filter by point type and then press “Refresh” to display the list.
  • Listings can be ordered, filtered (in real time), and exported to Excel (.xlsx format).
  • iControl Web Viewer shows all the reports generated by the iControl SCADA.
  • Reports can be downloaded, searched, filtered and ordered.

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