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iGrid T&D solutions can be adapted and prepared to fit your company’s requirements for new and retrofitted substations

EPC & integrators

iGrid T&D works side by side with EPC to deliver successful projects on the automation of substations, grids, or generation plants

Switchgears & transformer manufacturers

iRTU devices add intelligency to any kind of switchgear or transformer, to meet the requirements for Smart Grids

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BCU, RTUs and gateways are the main functionalities of the iRTU/iGW family. With multiple communication capabilities, they can use any standard protocol (IEC61850, IEC60870-5-104/104, DNP3.0, Modbus) to collect and send data to control center or to IEDs


The easiest way to monitor and control any grid, substation or generation plant. iControl SCADA software is designed to automate electrical facilities in the minimum available time, with all the required features, like the IEC61850 protocol or redundant control schemas


The simplest tool for viewing the events generated by a IEC61850 IED. User just needs to enter the IP address of the IED and automatically all the events will begin to be displayed. Any other setup is not required!!

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iGrid T&D’s SCADA, RTUs, substation gateways, protocol converters and bay controllers support both IEC61850 client and server communication capabilities. When acting as IEC61850 servers, our solutions are able to map any existing IED to IEC61850 logical devices

Substation Automation

IEC61850, IEC60870-5-104 and DNP3.0 (as well as other communication protocols) are used worldwide for substations’ automation. iGrid T&D solutions use all of them to have a completely interoperability with any other vendor

Secondary Distribution grid control

Our solutions fulfill the standards required by electrical companies for the control of Medium Voltage grids (MV/LV substations). Our devices are capable to adapt to different communication media (e.g. serial, Ethernet, GPRS/3G, PSTN) and able to handle multiple communication protocols (e.g. IEC60970-5-104, DNP3.0)

Smart metering

Our smart metering solutions support the most popular metering protocols (IEC60870-5-102, Modbus and DLMS) and multiple communication media. iGrid T&D is working with the most important meter manufacturers worldwide to collect and deliver metering information to the electrical market

Protocol converter

Retrofitting electrical facilities means to use the newest devices together with the oldest ones. For these projects, flexible and adaptable protocol converters are vital devices.

Hydroelectric generation plant

Hydroelectric generation plants require remote control following the electrical systems standards, but a higher degree of automation is requested, as special procedures are requested for actions like dams open/close, generator start/stop, etc. iGrid solutions will give you easy tools to automate small and big hydroelectric generation plants

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Find the latest news about grid and substation automation

South African solution

Our South African partner, Davinc, has prepared a standard solution, based on iControl SCADA and iRTU family, for controlling small and medium size substations, owned by distribution utilities and municipality, as well as for IPP and renewable generation systems. They have prepared a video showing the solution on their demo system, …

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Thailand substation automation

Thailand’s economy has been achieving rapid economic growth, at an average of 10% a year, since 1988. To avoid disparity between the Bangkok metropolitan area, and other regions in the country, the Thai government economic plans promoted decentralization of industry from the Bangkok to the provinces.

This made power demand to increase….

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IEC-61850 gateways

Gateways are an important part in Substation Automation Systems (SAS). These are hardened communication devices which collect metering, status, events and fault report data from any protection device inside substation. The gateway sends this information upstream to a Control center, and transfers commands issued from the control center to devices inside the substation. In IEC-61850 based substations the gateway has become an important part of the SAS (Substation Automation System), because is a central piece that translates all this data from both sides, between IEC-61850 devices to the Control Center, usually communicating with DNP3 or IEC-60870-5-101/104. All these standards are different in many aspects: message format, report method, objects structure, data types and meanings. Therefore, it’s not only a matter of transferring digital and analog values with an appropriate data type, but deal with timestamps, quality bits, reporting methods, initialization, command execution and time synchronization. Moreover, some substations need to be connected to more than one control center, and each control center may communicate with different protocols and different communications media. This is a typical case of High Voltage substations connected to the Distribution grid as well as to the Transmission grid. All our gateways meet these requirements, starting with basic models such us iGW-B0. Substation 61850 gateways connect to all Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) usually through an Ethernet network. Typically this network is redundant using Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) our iGW-S3 gateway is a good option for these scenarios. For substations with higher redundancy requirements our iGW-S0 gateway supports seamlessly redundancy protocols such us PRP and HSR. When device redundancy is required, all our gateways can run... read more